Clues to the Hessian's Lost Treasure


From Eafton to Trenton, near the Delaware, lies a small treasure trove you'll be happy to find. Not the great Doan hoard, nor Fenton's lost loot, but inside a small box, an explorer may find precious coins of great age and well worth the find.


Betwixt streams on our map, you surely will find ground trodden by soldiers, if not a few spies. No ropes will you need, feet will not leave the ground, but sore feet may you gain walking miles around. Search a pile of stones, a thicket or two, and within you may find a treasure but small, though still worth the find.


No laws need be broken, you'll step free and clear, single file your path or perhaps two-by-near. The ground is well trodden, yet wild it seems, you'll find the treasure between babbling streams. Considered a gift, to whoever shall find a small treasure trove well worth the find.



All Treasure Hunters, Please Take Note:


The historical novel, An American Tale of Freedom's Promise, may offer clues to the treasure's location, and the book's primary map (NOT the MAP above) may guide a would be explorer's hunt. The Amazon eBook: may be viewed on an iPhone, iPad, Android device, Windows or Mac computer with the Free Kindle app, and of course any Kindle viewer should work. Click "Treasure Hunt" at the top of this page for more details. Endeavor the hunt in the spirit of adventure, freedom, and good nature as normal life emerges from the pandemic. Please follow all local laws and safety guidelines. Enjoy the outdoors and Good Luck to all true Explorers!